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Hey, Denyse! I read your [URL=

fatal/]article[/URL] on how Baylor kicked the Evolutionary Informatics Lab off-campus. I've got an idea on how to get that lab back into action:

Baylor wasn't providing any actual support for the lab, right? No money, no lab space, nothing like that, right? And they didn't approve of the Evolutionary Informatics Lab web site being on their server either, right? Apparently Marks put it on a Baylor server without asking first. (Technically, this may be a felony, but hey, he's on the Baylor faculty and it's all in the cause of ID Science, so we'll cut him some slack.)

So since Baylor didn't actually support the Lab, all you need is a host for the lab's web site.

May I suggest that ISCID host the Evolutionary Informatics lab. They don't seem to have much traffic on their web site, so they can easily handle the EIL load. And I think their PCID journal should be able to handle what will surely be the voluminous output of the EI Lab, since it doesn't seem to have found enough ID-supporting material to publish even a single issue for the last year or two.

ISCID-PCID-Evolutionary Informatics Lab. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven to me! Best of all, Dembski seems is a co-founder of ISCID, so he's sure to give his own Lab's web site a warm welcome.

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