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On the other hand, it is the [b]classical theist</b> in this regard who is at a loss to explain why he believes his thoughts - he, after all, posits the existence of the great deceiver Satan!  A being so devious he makes *good seem evil and evil seem good* - and the theist, being fallible, [b]has no way to discern between the lies of Satan and the goodness of God.
Excellent post, Franky.

This is a bit OT, but since our president has come out in favor of teaching ID, I think it's fair to point something out:

President Bush is pretty well on record as believing that he's following the commands of God with regard to Iraq, terrorism, etc.  Let's assume that some supernatural entity actually IS giving Bush commands and he's following them.

Given how following those commands has killed upwards of a half a million people, bankrupted the United States, earned Bush the well deserved ranking as the very worst president in history, convinced the entire sentient world that the United States is the biggest threat to peace in existence and sunk his party, hopefully for good, does anybody care to speculate on which supernatural entity is giving Bush his orders?

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