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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 21 2007,21:43   

Over at UD, the regulars are aghast at the "irony" of PZ's being upset that someone is suing him to stop him from reviewing a book.

Their logic?  

A) Concerned parents successfully sued to stop religious propaganda from being presented in public schools under the flimsy guise of "ID"

B) This is equivalent to suing people who give your book bad reviews on their personal blog

C) Therefore if you think that religious propaganda shouldn't masquerade as science, you lose the right to defend your personal freedom of speech

No, I'm serious.  That's their "logic".

Let me give the UDers a little lesson in "irony".  It would be "ironic" if PZ had previously sued the dingbats at UD to stop posting horseshit on their blog and was now being sued for the contents of his personal blog.

Of course, no scientist has ever tried to sue any IDer for practicing ID or whatever the hell it is they claim to do (I can't call it "science").  No one has sued Dembski, Behe, UD, O'Leary, Morris, or any of the other shining lights of the ID movement to stop reviewing books or writing papers, or doing "research".  However an IDer is now suing PZ to prevent him from posting book reviews on his site.  

How's that for irony?

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