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Bob O'H quotes Denyse:  
The basic problem, in my view, is that Behe outclasses Dawkins. Behe is a working biochemist who knows exactly what Darwinian evolution has and hasn?t done. Unlike Dawkins, who has contributed nothing of substance to science for many years, he does not make Darwinian evolution a substitute for religion. So it is safe for him to know what it can and cannot do.

Jesus H on a bicycle! ?First coffee gushes out my nose, then uncontrollable laughter, falling on the floor, roaring with laughter until my sides ache, fighting for breath, passing out and finally I wake laying in a puddle of drool and find that my irony meter has exploded and set the dog on fire. ?DON'T DO THAT again without sufficient warning! ?Maybe play a recording of the klaxons on those WWII submarines, or something. ?"Tard! ?Tard! ?Tard! ?Flood forward ballast tanks! ?Planes full down! ?Tard! ?Tard! ?Tard!"

Now where's that dog extinguisher...

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