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Quote (stevestory @ July 28 2007,19:37)
I haven't even had a chance to read this article yet, I just got this issue today, and already Grandma Bonehead is trying to ruin it for me:

Apes R Not Us, and we have to get used to it

In a beautifully written article in the New Yorker, Ian Parker describes how he shared the hot, damp work of studying the elusive bonobo (lesser chimpanzee) - long lauded as sexy and peaceful - with one of the only people in the world who actually knows much about them in the wilds.

Well, people who actually studied the “hippie ape”, came away with a different view.

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Did you read "Dean of Death Row" in the same issue?  It's about recently retired Vernell Crittendon, who was in charge of all executions at San Quentin for the last decade or two.  Here's a chilling paragraph:
Crittendon's approval, on the other hand, can open doors.  Of the fifteen lifers he originally used in Real Choices [a 'scared straight' type program that uses cons to talk to 'troubled youths' about crime] four have been parolled, an unusually high percentage.  Crittendon had written to the Board of Parole Hearings on those inmates' behalf because each met his five criteria: being responsible while at San Quentin; pursuing an education; serving as a volunteer; having a solid support system on the outside; and believing in God or a higher power.  He asked Jerry Dean Stipe, a bearded Vietnam veteran known as Wolf, to be a co-founder of Real Choices - yet he didn't write a letter for Stipe, he told me, "because he was an atheist."  Crittendon said, "Without a belief in something larger than yourself, you backslide."

Christian mercy.  Read all about it in the July 30, 2007 "New Yorker".

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