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Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ July 25 2007,18:42)
LoL! Denise opines
Shhhh!! It means that Darwinism is, like, dead.
What a top class journalist. Shame she has to make up the news.

From that link, a new entry in The Evolution and Intelligent Design Encyclopedia:
Brain - anachronistic junk? (Tyler)
"According to David Linden, the brain is a product of the tinkering blind watchmaker espoused by Darwinist biologists. Unfortunately, few readers will realise that this "central thesis" is a deduction from dogma and not empirical evidence. The data that is discussed is perfectly capable of being understood within a design perspective, including the tendency for our minds to distort reality and to act foolishly."

Yes, especially including the tendency for your  minds to distort reality and to act foolishly.

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