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Quote (Bob O'H @ July 23 2007,13:04)
A professional journalist
has written:
At Mindful Hack I have put up some information from a neurosurgeon on what the mind obviously isnít merely the brain.

Unfortunately, there's nothing at all funny about the title:
Just how much brain do you need? Could you use that space for something else?

There's no way you lot are going to get a humo[u]rous jibe at Ms. O'Leary's expense out of that, is there?


Oh, this is Good Tard! †Feast on this: (describing brain surgeon Wilder Penfield probing a brain to find the speech centers and other places you don't want to cut out)
His insights are fascinating. He found that he could elicit all kinds of things from electrically stimulating the brain- memories, emotions, movements of the body, etc. The mental processes elicited were remarkably vivid.Yet in all instances, patients knew that the evoked response was not caused by their own will. Penfield called it 'double consciousness'. Patients always saw the response from a third person perspective, as well as experiencing the response in the first person. Patients always knew that the response was done to them, not by them. Penfield noted that patients always experienced their own responses as observers, as well as participants, and they could always distinguish their own coincident experience from the simultaneous induced response. There always remained a first-person subjectivity that was untouched by electrical stimulation of the brain.

Amazing! †People laying on an operating table with half their skulls sawn off and a surgeon poking electrified wires into their brains realized that the ancient memories that flashed into their minds were caused by somebody doing something to them!

You know, I think that Denyse O'Leary may be the only person in the whole wide world to be surprised by that.

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