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Quote (Kristine @ July 23 2007,19:31)
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ July 23 2007,18:02)
I dunno how many of you have seen this, but a commenter on Pharyngula today just made my day. Here is a link to a DI news release. Enjoy!

I saw it. I was eating. I got the hiccups. I nearly choked on my food. If I had, I would have died happy. I think the person responsible, "garth," has located his altruism, Dr. Egnor! :)

Now I need someone to scare me to get me to stop hiccupping, because once I start I continue all day. :p We'll see what the UDudes come up with. Skair me! Go on! I want you to! Booga booga!

You need a good scare?  Oh!  If only I hadn't destroyed that nude picture of DaveTard.  You'd never hiccup again!  Of course, you might never do anything again if it gave you a heart attack, so maybe it's just as well.

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