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Quote (Hermagoras @ July 20 2007,18:51)
Dembski's latest:      
Here’s a fun interview with my friend and colleague Robert Marks. I hope you catch from the interview the amibitiousness of the lab and how it promises to put people like Christoph Adami and Rob Pennock out of business (compare with

Let the comparing (DING!) begin!

Ok.  To begin with, all of the people that Dembski pictures on his lab's home page are dead, died without ever hearing of ID and are unable to protest being used to front an intellectual fake.  The rest appear to have been quote mined.  And, given Dembski's history with David Wolpert, I'm really surprised that Dembski dared feature his name there.  I wonder how he would respond to Wolpert's demanding that his name be removed?

The people at Devolab are all alive, presumably approve of being listed as lab supporters and appear rather distinguished.

Meanwhile, the people at Baylor must think "bad penny" every time Dembski re-appears at their door.

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