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Oh dear God.

Dembski has decided to spend some of his time dissecting the "Jesus Tomb Math" (which has already been rather strongly criticized in the mainstream media as a rather elaborate sham).  Not to be outdone by the hundreds of other people who took a stab at what appears to be some perhaps shoddy mathematics, Dembski tries.  What is interesting about this is two-fold.  First, Dembski put his refutation of the Jesus tomb math on the Baylor Evolutionary Informatics Lab website!  (here!

He makes it a point to provide links to his other "evolutionary informatics" papers, none of which have yet to appear in any journal (and I have read some of them, I reserve judgement until I get a chance to really read them in depth), but what in  God's name is a website devoted to the Jesus Tomb doing on an evolutionary informatics website?  Compounding matters is the lack of introduction, conclusions, or analysis on the website - it's just a collection of scripts (the links to which are currently broken) and plots.

I also appreciate this from the website:

There has been no consideration given to the historical evidence for the resurrection of Christ that conflicts with his being buried.  With a link to "Leader U", which posits the following 5 pieces of evidence that the resurrection is true:

1: The Bible says that Jesus was buried and later his tomb was empty.
2: Paul says Jesus rose from the grave.
3: The story of the resurrection is old.
4: The story is simple.
5: Women probably discovered the tomb.
6: Other biblical stories also say the tomb was empty.

Well, I'm convinced.

Edit: 2 more things.
1) I should mention that the paper proper has introduction, conclusion, etc.   The website lacks these

2) The website goes on to cite quotations arguing against the use of statistics.  Why?

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