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Quote (Albatrossity2 @ July 07 2007,12:31)
Over at UD, crabapple makes me happy that I upgraded my irony meter to the industrial-strength version when he writes (re PvM's critique of Crowther)    
Neither Pim nor any other ID critic I have encountered has ever given an adequate explanation of just what evidence for a designer would look like, or if they have, I have yet to see it.

I had to read that several times, and since my skills at detecting parody websites are suspect, it is possible that I linked to some alternate-universe UD site. But I guess it was my impression that the IDiots were supposed to be providing us with "an adequate explanation of just what evidence for a designer would look like." What am I missing here???

That's an old MikeGene trick.  Whenever he got cornered on ARN, which was fairly often, he'd switch subjects by asking just what kind of evidence would convince the person he was bothering that ID was true.

That would leave most people spluttering and Mike would then announce that evolutionists either wanted impossible proof (if, for instance, the victim asked for something only a God could provide, like an e. coli bacteria with the tune to "Dixie" encoded in it's DNA) or (in the case of spluttering) that evolutionists were so totally blind and bound to their unscientific beliefs that they couldn't even tell the poor ID community what kind of evidence they were looking for.

That's one of the main reasons I don't bother with MikeGene anymore.

The correct answer to the question, by the way, is "Show us what you got."  This seems to be unanswerable by the ID community unless you're willing to accept blathering and BS as an "answer".

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