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Occam's Toothbrush

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(Permalink) Posted: July 06 2007,07:57   

Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ July 06 2007,06:40)

In my previous post, I cited a Miami Herald article that refers to “The National Center for Science Education, a pro-science watchdog group.” For the real pro-science watchdog group, check out the following links:

That’s right. I own those domain names and they all refer back here. Let me encourage all contributors to this blog to use these domain names in referring to UD when they email Darwinists.

Let's take a moment to review the recent scientific output from the UD gang:

1)  URL sockpuppetry (or whatever this is called)
2)  Flatulent Flash animations
3)  Global warming denial
4)  HIV/AIDS denial
5)  Forging alliances with the Pleasurian community (William Brookfield)
6)  Forging alliances with the holocaust-denial community (Johannes Lerle)
7)  Quack medicine advocacy (DCA)
8)  Reporting someone to DHS (Eric Pianka)
9)  Bogus accusations of racism (Kevin Padian)
10) Launched, antievolution site for 45-year old teenagers, recently voted the least popular URL in the history of the Internet with over one non-troll post per month.

This is pretty impressive.  I'm surprised anyone still doubts ID, with a body of work like this backing it up.

Edit: Accidentally gave UD research team credit for work done by obvious OE troll hblavatsky (orbo quack prepetual motion machine asserted as proof of god)

"Molecular stuff seems to me not to be biology as much as it is a more atomic element of life" --Creo nut Robert Byers
"You need your arrogant ass kicked, and I would LOVE to be the guy who does it. Where do you live?" --Anger Management Problem Concern Troll "Kris"

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