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Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ July 03 2007,06:39)
An eloquent but bogus non-review by Dawkins

...Dawkins is a master of rhetoric. Only he could take a clear example of intelligently designed evolution (dog breeding) and offer it as a convincing “proof” of Darwinian evolution.

Holy dipshit.  If Sal had some grasp of what Behe is trying to do in TEOE, he would understand Dawkins' review generally, and this point specifically. But he doesn't, so he doesn't, and off he goes after the supposed insufficiency of natural selection.

I wonder if he thinks wild geese were designed.

He doesn't even have to understand TEOE; Dawkins makes Behe's point crystal clear twice:

The crucial passage in “The Edge of Evolution” is this: “By far the most critical aspect of Darwin’s multifaceted theory is the role of random mutation. Almost all of what is novel and important in Darwinian thought is concentrated in this third concept.”

And, more to the point:

If mutation, rather than selection, really limited evolutionary change, this should be true for artificial no less than natural selection.

i.e. Behe's problem is not with natural selection (which Sal evidently wants to discuss in length); it's with random mutations.

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