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Quote (Hermagoras @ June 30 2007,10:23)
It is evident by the fact that Richard Dawkins, Jerry Coyne, Ken Miller, Sean Carroll, and Michael Ruse have written book reviews of Michael Behe’s book, The Edge of Evolution, that the best evolutionary biologists think about intelligent design.

Scordova then quotes "a peer-reviewed article by 3 scientists from MIT in the journal of Molecular Systems Biology" (actually, it's just Molecular Systems Biology) which begins:      
The debate between intelligent design and evolution in education may still rage in school boards and classrooms, but intelligent design is making headway in the laboratory.

As soon as they kick out the writing teacher, the leaders of UD show an uncanny ability to read.  For lo, the article in question goes on, in the very next sentence:      
In this case, though, the designer turned out to be just some clever scientist. A recent paper in Nature (Yoshikuni et al, 2006) presented the iterative evolution of highly specific catalysts from a promiscuous wild-type enzyme via what the authors refer to as designed divergent evolution.

And it ends:      
So, scientists everywhere may soon begin their own intelligent designs… and so far, it looks like the best designs are the simplest. At the protein level, at least, it looks like irreducible complexity is out and a rather reducible simplicity is in. Intelligent design, however, may be here to stay.

Question: is scordova really this incapable of understanding tone in writing?

Don't worry.  Sal just wants to see the "Darwinists" get up in a tizzy about his quote mining.

Because quote mining is just another form of street theater.

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