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Quote (Bob O'H @ June 26 2007,12:04)




9:19 am

Johannes Lerle was not convicted for teaching ID. He was not convicted for comparing abortion to the Holocaust. He was convicted for denying the Holocaust, period. If you actually look at the two web pages which formed the basis of the case against him (and can read German), youíll learn he called Auschwitz a deception, and questioned whether the gas chambers could have killed so many Jews. Like it or not, thatís a crime in Germany.

Now, if it were me, I wouldnít want to be seen portraying a Holocaust denier as some kind of Christian martyr, but then Iím not a Christian. In any case, youíve now been informed of the problem; Iíll be watching to see if you fix it.

Expect to see a sflurry of new posts, now the UDites realise what WmAD's done.


Gerard and "Rob" are doing a pretty good job. †Dembski's apparently afraid to ban them. †Bourne continues to make an ass of himself, but that's not news.

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