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(Permalink) Posted: June 25 2007,02:48   

Quote (Hermagoras @ June 24 2007,19:56)
Again I'm attempting to comment on UD.  Let's see if this one makes it out of limbo.  My response is to this.  Here's what I say:

First, your martyrdom statistics seem high. Do you have a source?

Second, the idea that Harris and Klebold targeted Christians is problematic at best: see

Third, I doubt Wicca is or will soon be anywhere near that popular, and again I ask for a source. Besides, why is that a problem? Wiccans at least are not materialists.

Finally, it’s worth noting that historically, witches have not persecuted and killed Christians. Rather the reverse.

I believe I'm being respectful, and in response to a very stupid comment.  Still  I have my doubts.  What's the over/under on this getting through?   And why should I care?  Why oh why doesn't Dembski love me?


Borne has to be a troll. There can be no other possible explanation. No-one is that dumb in real life, surely?


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