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Reciprocating Bill

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(Permalink) Posted: June 24 2007,12:02   

Uncommonly Denyse is trying to hurt me:
Darwinism as a religion and the courts

...The effort to recast Darwin as a religious man, more religious in fact than the common run of Christians and other believers, in the runup to the bicentennial of his birth is well under way in many quarters:

"Darwin counted himself an agnostic, but in his reverence for the creative agency of nature we should count him a devoutly religious man. “There is a grandeur in this view of life,” he famously wrote on the last page of The Origin of Species. The grandeur of which he spoke of has more of the divine about it than did the anthropomorphic idol who occupied the thoughts of his contemporaries."

This musing by Chet Raymo (April 22, 2007) is a typical encomium. Go here, here, and here for examples of ridiculous hagiography whose authors take it all quite seriously. For intolerance, unreasoning fanaticism, and belief in miracles, there is no religious bunny anywhere like the serious Darwinist...

...Despite the fact that Darwinists insist that their concerns are secular, it is painfully obvious that a religious agenda lies at the heart of Darwinism: As the creation story of a new materialist religion, Darwinism is advanced with missionary fervour in settings that are neutral and secular in name only. And its ablest exponents are hostile to the free exercise of other religions.

I'm getting a headache attempting to parse this. If I read her right, to ascribe to Darwin religious sensibilities grounded in "this view of life" is ridiculous hagiography that makes it painfully obvious that sensibilities grounded in "this view of life" are in fact religious sensibilities.  

OW! OW! OW! OW!! OW!!!

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