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Granville said:          
On a completely different topic, Dave, you (I believe it was you) had a post many months ago where you suggested that if evolutionary simulators wanted to better simulate reality, they should subject everything to random errors, their entire program, the compiler and OS and the hardware (well, that was the idea anyway). I thought that was one of the most significant points ever made at UD (though as I recall no one else seemed to).

Because it was dumb as hell.

Holy shit. This unbelieveably stupid notion was wrestled to the ground at UD [URL=

iology/]here[/URL],  here and   here.  GilDodg'em was reduced to claiming that he was just funnin'.

I got banned somewhere along the way, along with several others.  The tumbleweeds were permitted to stay.

I just had a look at that thread.  I think Tom English got it about right: "I say categorically, as someone who has worked in evolutionary computation for 15 years, that Gil does not understand what he is talking about."

Gil, of course, was the originator of the whole "mutate the OS or you're not doing it right" idea.

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