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Quote (Gunthernacus @ June 20 2007,11:58)
† † † † †  
I received an e-mail from an acquaintance, who has a PhD in biology, saying he calculated that the human genome could contain about 6.25 Mb of information...and he was wondering if that could be right. I donít know why he thought I would know...

Maybe he believed you when you said you were a mathematician? †† †

Dearest Granville,

Regarding your recent post: †There are four different codons in DNA. †That's two bits per codon. †(Elementary boolean logic.) †There are approximately 3 billion codons in the human genome. (Google) †3 billion x 2 = 6 billion bits. †6 billion bits/8 bits per byte = 750 megabytes, a little over one CD's worth of data.

Since you claim mathematics capability and pontificate on evolution, yet don't know these simple facts, I regret to inform you that you are a tard.

Regarding the rest of your post: † †  
On a completely different topic, Dave, you (I believe it was you) had a post many months ago where you suggested that if evolutionary simulators wanted to better simulate reality, they should subject everything to random errors, their entire program, the compiler and OS and the hardware (well, that was the idea anyway). I thought that was one of the most significant points ever made at UD (though as I recall no one else seemed to).

Subjecting the program, compiler and/or OS to random errors while simulating evolution would be the equivalent of changing the laws of physics during real-life evolution. †The reason few others thought that was a good idea is because they aren't quite as ignorant as you are.

You, on the other hand, are a full-blown tard, a tard wearing a gorilla suit and a diving helmet, one with a sign saying, "Kick me, I'm a tard" on your back and shouting "Look at me, aren't I wonderful!" as you ride your bicycle off a clearly marked cliff. †

Or in other words, pretty much the run of the mill Uncommon Descenter.

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