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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 03 2006,04:48   

Quote (stevestory @ Feb. 03 2006,10:15)
LOL. Now they're framing themselves as Galileo to Judge Jones's Inquisitor.


February 3, 2006
Judge John E. Jones III as Inquisitor

Since I'm not going to all the effort of going over there just to get banned, I'll ask this here... If IDers deny that religion has anything to do with is, how is it they came that ID is morally superior to evolution?  I mean, in the referenced post it is claimed that:
Darwinian metaphysics is doing real moral and political mischief in our society

Supposedly ID doesn't identify a designer, so can they claim moral superiority when they can't know the motivations of an unknown designer?

(Yes, I know, the answer is that with every post Demski further demonstrates that ID for him is all about acknowledging his Judeo-Christian God.)

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