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Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Feb. 01 2006,13:09)
[quote=PuckSR,Feb. 01 2006,12:54]

thus decode lifes hidden messages,

So deep down I think Sal is hoping this 'code' would validate all the things he wants to believe.

He'd better be careful... what if the code is in Sanskrit and says "Praise Krishna! The Universe is 3 Trillion Years Old!"

Or, what if it's in Esperanto, and it says:

Earthlings! You have displeased your extraterrestrial overlords! We shall leave Alpha Centauri immediately, and when we arrive, we shall exterminate your puny planet!

Sal better be careful what can of worms he opens here...

I've actually written a short story were the human race makes it to the stars only to find themselves alone, until they come across a 4byr old ruin containing a hall of statues, each with an inscription below it.  The final statue they uncover is of an alien holding a DNA strand, and when they run a pattern match on the alien inscription below they find the only match is in a strand of "junk" DNA found in all life on Earth - i.e. the signature of their "maker".

Not terribly original, and the ending needs a lot of work, so I haven't bothered to try to get it published. Needless to say, I'm also not too thrilled at the idea of publishing a story that, even in small way, validates ID!

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