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I'm sorry, I don't remember what thread I was in and I don't remember my user name, Maybe frank or Picasso.

but for me and many others who may not be as strong as you when it comes to coping with a harsh reality of meaninglessness and loss

Why do I only ever hear this from the religious camp? I never hear fellow atheists talk about how grim and wretched life is. Where do religious people get this idea that life without god is meaningless and worthless? This erroneous idea goes quite against the evidence that we atheists are not depressed and nihilistic. Perhaps the religious people just don't appreciate the value of evidence.[/QUOTE]
You know, I think you are entirely missing the point.  I said that perhaps some people may be able to trancend that need but that I and many others, perhaps even some secular humanists, seek meaning. Maybe not like a quest for a Holy Grail but we can dedicate our lives or parts of our lives and even risk death for a cause. We seek and find meaning in our world and in at least some of our actions. If you allow faith into your world then you are also allowing meaning in. It's possible that you already have meaning or that you are happy with simply fulfilling your duty to our species' DNA. Good. That's not me.

Maybe faith is misguided. Maybe it is a way that our physiology has devised to get little dopamine boosts Pascal's wager always seemed a little stupid or small-minded to me.

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