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Quote (Lufeld @ May 15 2007,14:57)
Iím pretty new at scientific american, and I donít speak for the company, but given what I know about how our websitet works, Iíd say that the reason the cover story doesnít appear on that page you link to is that only some articles are made free every month on the web, and for whatever reason that month they didnít choose the cover story to be one of the free articles. If you were to buy the digital issue of the magazine, the cover story would be part of it (itís the whole issue, after all). In other words, this is hardly a conspiracy.

So in fact they did not even check if in general all stories are freely available but instead instantly assumed that there is a conspiracy going on. Wow, really good research. And what an impressive demonstraition of  critical thinking skills.

I actually checked all the other issues in 2001 (the earliest year that's on the website), and five of the twelve cover stories are not mentioned in the list of "feature articles" for that issue (that includes Gonzales's). So there's nothing special about how that one article was treated.

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