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About a year ago, there was a mild kerfluffle because a new piece of software was offered that allowed you to "leave notes" on any web site.  I didn't pay too much attention at the time, but apparently you would log onto one web site and give it a URL for a target site.  You would then browse that target site more or less normally, but the first web site would past notes, messages or whatever on top of the content.  

A lot of web site owners complained about the "defacement" of their web sites, but so far as I could see it didn't do anything at all to their web sites, probably didn't violate copyright and seemed to be 100% legal.

I ignored it at the time, but that was before I discovered Uncommon Descent.  Now that I have a use for it, I can't find the software.  Can anybody help me?

Imagine browsing UD and finding hundreds of comments from the saner part of the internet pasted on top of Dave Scot, Slimador and Dr. Dr. Dr.!  Let's find that software and start using it!

Can anybody help me with the name of the software or a URL pointing to it?

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