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(Permalink) Posted: May 02 2007,07:05   

WAD's former coffee drone and office duster has returned to tell us all about the evils of not being Christian.  Three new posts (not at the level of insanity that I was accustomed to last year, so maybe he's turned over a new leaf) are now available.

I notice he has the comments turned off.  He's learned well from Uncle Dembski.

Uhh...  Excuse me.  Uncle Dr. Dr. Dembski

It's a pity because I was going to ask him a few questions about Dennis Rader, the BTK killer that he goes on about.  Like, what position did he hold in his Christian church?

Also, I was wondering what God's word says about owning slaves, killing people for gathering sticks on the Sabbath and several other hot topics in morality.

As I said, he's learned a lot for Uncle Dr. Dr. Dembski.

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