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Thanks for compliment on the diet but itís no big deal. Iím an extreme mesomorph. Weíre the ones who can pile on or take off bulk with little effort - our bodies are like putty we can sculpt quickly and easily. You recognize us by our V shape. My hips are 13 inches wide and my shoulders are 21. Even when I let myself go to a new record high of 240 recently my chest and shoulders were still much wider than my waist and hips. I dropped 40 in three months no sweat. Iím considering how far down to go. 160 was my Marine Corps weight and my aging joints will appreciate that but I like how I look more between 180 and 200. Either way itís another 3 months of focused but not very intense effort. I need to add 10 pounds of lean muscle mass (which just means eating lots of protein and working out with as much heavy weight as I can tolerate 20 minutes a day) for the higher weight and actually lose muscle mass for the lower weight. I hate the thought of sacrificing any lean muscle mass as itís a lot easier to lose than to regain and the older you are the harder it gets. Mesomorph is the only body type found on professional body builders, most boxers, sprinters, quarterbacks and others needing a lot of upper body strength for their sport.

What a tool!

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