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Quote (stevestory @ April 15 2007,18:12)
Actually I've got a little extra understanding of this. When I was a little kid I nearly died from being fed peanuts they didn't know I was allergic to. Throat closed up, the whole deal. And my brain did some kind of rewiring trick, and whatever you guys taste in peanut butter, I don't taste it. I have no idea what peanuts and peanut butter taste like to those of you who like it, because my brain reprogrammed the taste. Peanuts taste like nothing except pain and itchyness to me. I can't detect anything else. People tell me they taste great, I know people who love them, but I can't taste it whatsoever. The circuits associated with those flavors have been reconfigured. Once a year or so I accidently bite into something with peanuts and the taste is something like acid and itchiness.

Many years ago, I read an article in the first incarnation of "Psychology Today" called "The Sauce Bernaise Effect".  The author had eaten something with sauce bernaise on it for the first time and got deathly ill a short time later.  Ever since, the taste or even thought of sauce bernaise made him nauseous.

I had a similar experience, which I would label "The Strawberry Soda Effect".

Apparently, developing a revulsion to a new food that makes us ill shortly afterwards is built into our genes as a method of keeping us from eating a poisonous food a second time if we survive the first experience.

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