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DaveScot is a tard

It will either be “Thank “God” you listened to me when you did”, or “You didn’t listen to me soon enough.”
There’s a third and most likely outcome IMO. We do nothing and nothing bad happens. This is the course that we’ll end up taking because there’s too much resistance and bickering when it comes to actually making a sacrifice and who makes how much.
China is on the verge of becoming the #1 single largest source of CO2 in the world. You think they’re going to play along and harm their economy over this? And if they don’t why should we? China was exempt from Kyoto. Do you think that’s fair and isn’t it essential that the biggest CO2 sources all cooperate? All the tailpipe emissions in the U.S. together are 8% of manmade CO2. If that’s reduced by half in the next ten years it will probably trigger a depression. Not one of these mild recessions of recent decades but a full blown depression more like the Great Depression of the 1930’s. I don’t think people realize how fragile the economy is and what a large burden such as this will do to it. To add insult to injury halving U.S. tailpipe emissions doesn’t significantly reduce total global CO2 emissions so it’s all for nothing in any case.

There been no depression in any country in the world that uses Keynesian economics (which were specifically designed to make depressions very difficult), and I fail to see how improving emission controls would trigger one.

Also, China is a signatory to Kyoto, and is bound by it as much as any other signatory. It's just that the limit set for China's CO2 production was above their actual production. Because they produced very little CO2 relative to their population; does anyone know if DaveTard's comment about them being about to race ahead of the US in CO2production is true?

Is there any subject that DaveTard is not completely ignorant of? Other than the proper way to eat cheesypoofs, I mean.

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