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Quote (wintermute @ Mar. 26 2007,11:08)
Shorter DaveScot:

"Animals live longer, if they're raised in a sterile, germ-free environment, therefore the Garden of Eden must be true!"

This got me thinking about evolution vs. design. The animals raised germ-free could not have evolved in the natural world without exposure to bacteria but they could have been designed for GF life. The fact that they live twice as long in a GF environment when eating a diet that is nutritionally complete except for being sterile seems to be favorable evidence that animals were created in and for a germ-free world.

Huh. Average human lifespan has hugely increased in the modern west compared with ancient times, due mainly to the grossly artificial environment in which we live (medicine, diet, no predation and little violence etc.). We still die eventually, though, often of diseases that would have been rare in ancient people (Alzheimers, heart disease etc.). It seems to me that this study provides a striking parallel with changing human mortality. Dave appears to be trying to argue that because some animals live longer in artificially comfortable environs they are designed. Animals generally live longer in captivity than in the wild, as well - so what?

Actually, thats not even the worst thing with his post - where does he propose all the bacteria and viruses came from, if the world was originally 'germ free'?

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