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Quote (keiths @ Mar. 22 2007,04:30)
Which brings up the reason I keep posting juicy bigotted and racist quotes by Darwin and his disciples here at UD. While the intellectual community may know them, the general public does not. Suppose the public decided that every time it accepted a “Darwin” (a 10-pound note) in payment or in change for a purchase, it was implicitly endorsing those terrible quotes? People would likely say, “No thanks, I’d rather have two fivers. I don’t take money that praises racists and bigots — and neither should you.”

You may scoff, but I've always admired Dembski in his tireless struggle against racism.  That is why I will support his upcoming efforts to remove Abraham Lincoln from the penny and the five-dollar bill.  After all, Lincoln was a racist, like Darwin, and we know that Dembski is nothing if not consistent.  

So much for the critics who claim that Dembski is just jealous of Darwin's success or suffering from a case of theory envy.  How do they account for the fact that Dembski was speaking out against racism, loudly and often, long before Martin Luther King had his Dream?

Let's not forget the one dollar bill, with the picture of that old slave owner, George Washington on it.  Dembski should convert his ones to tens (Hamilton, a non-slave owner) immediately and burn any left overs.

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