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Quote (Jake @ Mar. 18 2007,05:04)
I see Dembski is running his class on UD principles:
(1)  Mid-term exam — 20 percent positive.  
(2)  Final exam — 30 percent positive.  
(3)  Exercises — 50 percent positive. Exercises appear at the end of each chapter in  NCM. Answers to all these exercises need to be written out and handed in each  week.  
(4) Single-page executive summary of YOU (with clearly recognizable embedded  picture of yourself) — minus 5 percent if not handed in. Due beginning of second  week of class.  
(5) Active class participation — up to 10 percent negative.  

Or, in English, active participation can't possibly help your grade, but if you participate anyway and Dembski doesn't like what you say, it will cost you grade points!

To be fair, this could also be read this as 'if you do not participate actively in class discussions, you will lose marks', which is fair enough. The course outline PDF has this written as 'full class participation', next to 'punctual attendance' - surely people arent going to lose marks for being on time!

To be even fairer (and more realistic), using UD rules, any poor kid who commits science or any other intellectual activity will lose a grade point.  He'll probably have DaveScot proctor his lectures and personally escort any malefactor (at least any who are weak enough) to the door and toss him or her out (up to three feet if the perp is light enough).

You'll note that I'm assuming here that Dembski is, if not right, at least consistent.

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