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Look, I don't know enough to understand the arguments they are using.

My point is that anyone familiar with the tactics used by intelligent design creationists to mislead those who don't know biologists should recognize their use in a pseudo-scientific documentary such as "Swindle".

When the same handful of "experts" show up over and over again saying "thousands of scientists are wrong, why they don't consider solar inputs, they don't tell you CO2 lags warming, blah blah blah" your bullshit alarm should be sounding off at a deafening level.

That's true of *any* fringe attack on mainstream science of this sort!  You don't really need to understand the science to understand the fact that they're lying, ignorant, incompetent, or all three.

Heres a thing, is it true that CO2 emisioins follow past records of global warming by 800 C.years? If that is the case (and I am not claiming it is) then why would this not lead to a possitive feedback cycle that makes warming unrecoverable?

It's believed that runaway greenhouse warming's extremely unlikely if not impossible given earth's distance from the sun and climate chemistry.  Real Climate has a section on it.

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