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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 13 2007,03:43   

Dembski's current employer, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, is in the news because they:

a: Fired a female professor for being a woman.
b: Were dumb enough to tell her that they fired her because she's a woman.

"Sheri Klouda, who taught Hebrew since 2002 at the seminary, was forced out last year allegedly because she was a woman teaching men. She filed a federal lawsuit Thursday accusing the seminary and its president, Paige Patterson, of fraud, breach of contract and defamation.

Klouda, now teaching at Taylor University in Upland, Ind., was refused tenure at Southwestern and was told her contract would not be renewed because of her gender. Her contract was terminated in December 2006.

The dismissal has spawned unexpected public outcry and widespread media coverage, even to the surprise of Klouda.

Southwestern trustee chairman Van McClain had explained that the seminary is taking the "traditional" position that women should not teach men in theology or biblical languages and thus only men should instruct future pastors. The seminary follows the Southern Baptist statement of faith which limits the pastorate to men. Consequently, Patterson said that instruction of future pastors is limited to men."

"The suit contended that Patterson, who became president in 2003, assured Klouda that her position was secure. But in 2004, she was informed that she would not get tenure because she was 'a mistake that the trustees needed to fix...' "

She's suing, of course.  Fine institution you're working for, Dr. Dembski.


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