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Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 11 2007,21:29)


That's pretty good Texas beer.  Tastes a lot like Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Legend has it that there used to be a pipeline from the Pabst brewery in Milwaukee all the way to the Lone Star Brewery in Texas.  Whenever a batch of Pabst didn't turn out quite right, it would go straight to the pipeline and wind up in Lone Star Bottles.  The nice thing about Texans is that they'll drink anything.

Note that Lone Star got the Pabst if it "wasn't quite right".  If there was a real disaster in the brewery, like a dead rat floating in the vat, it all got dumped into the Coors pipeline.  What Coors didn't want went to Budweiser.

Now that Pabst is mostly out of business, we all went organic and grow dope nowadays.  Makes reading UD more entertaining.

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