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But two things: First, donít think it is probably due to a lack of understanding of biochemistry. I am certainly not a biochemist but know enough chemistry and biology to understand arguments when they are put forth.

Jerry, a mere two posts later:

To give you a brief absurd example of the complexity involved. Consider all the possible proteins of length 40. These would be small proteins for even the simplest life forms. The number of proteins required for this set of macro molecules would exhaust the entire matter in the universe. If you doubt this, do the math. If we limit the number of amino acids to 39, including the left and right hand versions of those used in life, then we would have approximately 39 to the 40th power of different combinations.

Even if my math is off a little this means that the possibilities of one specific simple protein being formed is close to nil.

Jerry, we don't think your confusion is down to a lack of understanding of biochemistry, we know it is. Your math isnt 'a little off', it is completely inappropriate to the situation in hand. Anti-evolutionists from Hoyle to Dembski have made this same fallacious calculation, and repeating it isnt going to make it any less incorrect.

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