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Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Mar. 05 2007,11:02)
Troutmac NEVER lets us down:

The fact is that there are, among the ranks of ID proponents, people who are not persuaded that such evidence as is cited "overwhelmingly denies the possibility of a young earth."

I agree with this as well, but I would make the larger statement that while most (or 'many' if you prefer) ID proponents accept an old Earth, it's also true, and actually more important, that ultimately age of the Earth is simply not relevant to the ID theory. At this point in time, ID is compatible with either age scenario as a matter of principle.

I would like someone to show me the "hard" evidence of a 4.5 billion year old Earth. By "hard evidence" I mean the evidence that is not the result of extrapolation. I don't think I'm very far out on a limb when I say that there is no such evidence.

(my boldfacing)

He also treads very carefully since, after all, his Immortal Soul is at stake:

I honestly do believe I could be convinced of an Old Earth given the right argument and evidence. I don't believe I must be hindered by the Biblical account (I am a Christian) as there are many, many Christians who accept an old-Earth and find "room" for it in the Genesis text. Maybe they're right… maybe there IS room for an old Earth. I'm open to that.

I just got banned from OE for arguing with Troutmac (or something - nobody actually told me why I got banned).

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