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Richardthughes: Typo?

Could be.  here, from the IDArts people is a description of a science article:
Past Gas-R-Us! (Eerie theory…Breaking Wind)
Recently, a team of geo-microbiologists at Penn State University discovered that the origin of life on Earth may not have dropped out of the blue via some sort of extra-terrestrial panspermian planting, or accidentally (magically?) popped into existence when lifeless primordial goo was zapped by a purposeless and random prehistoric lightning strike.

While experimenting in the lab, the Penn State scientists discovered that a lifeless microbe (Methanosarcina acetevorans) actually passed gas which conceivably …(no pun intended!)….could have somehow attracted enough randomly available DNA/RNA-type molecules to itself to have produced real, self-replicating life on planet Earth!

According to this theory… (hold on to your “whoopie-cushion”, folks)…, we are basically nothing more than the accidental (and unintelligently designed) offspring of tiny, dead microbial ‘flatulence’.

(You may read about it here.)

Go to the article, here, and you find scientists who found a LIVING (not lifeless) microbe that uses a new metabolic path that changes carbon monoxide into methane and vinegar, freeing up energy for the microbe in the process.

The article then goes on to show how this discovery can join two theories of the Origin Of Life together, compensating for the weak points in each theory.

Not quite "a lifeless microbe (Methanosarcina acetevorans) [that] actually passed gas" after all.  

I think the reviewer watched the Judge Jones animation a few times too often.

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