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The major claims of evolution are the creation of novel cell types, tissue types, organs, and body plans. These are required to get from bacteria to baboons. No evolution of these by any means has been observed. They simply appear fully formed in the fossil record and can be observed fully formed in living things today. Given the definition of a theory as a well tested explanation there is no theory of evolution but rather only hypotheses of evolution. Until a hypothetical mechanism is observed doing that which it is claimed it can do these mechanisms remain hypothetical.
(Emphasis mine)

So Dave thinks that the only way to test a theory is to actually observe the proposed mechanisms in action.  Thanks to Dave's insight, an awful lot of scientists are going to have to close up shop.  And it leaves ID in a pretty awkward position, too.

"I wasn't aware that classical physics had established a position on whether intelligent agents exercising free were constrained by 2LOT into increasing entropy." -DaveScot

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