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Quote (Richardthughes @ Feb. 11 2007,22:05)

Judges Darwin by his picture; Plugs her book.

Haeckel’s embryos - if his drawings had been accurate - would have shown that vertebrate taxa start out very similar, which supports Darwin’s theory.

But they DO start out very similar.  I wonder if Denyse ever goes to the Pharyngula web site.  If she does, I wonder if she ever wonders what "pharyngula" means?  Probably not.

And generations of Darwinists have kept the pious lie going, like a legend of a saint who never really existed.

The legends of saints who never existed came out of ... erm ... Denyse's Catholic Church.  Oops.
Oh? You want to know what is true? Well, then, by definition, you are not a convinced Darwinist because you think that your brain is adapted to discovering truth, not to leaving descendants.

Ahh, yes....  I can see my non-ancestor now.  "Is that a lion or a strangly shaped shadow.  Well, I'll believe it's a shadow because otherwise I'd have to run for my life and that's tiring."  Denyse, our brains evolved to accurately understand the world around us because those who didn't have that capability got eaten.        
Okay, here’s a stab at a possible truth: Embryo development does not particularly support Darwin’s theory. It argues rather for a yet undiscovered law, principle, process, or … what? What does the dance of embryogenesis argue for?

Have  you ever heard of evo-devo?  No?  Why am I not surprised.
Still, the fraudulent Haeckel embryo series must be true in the eyes of Darwinists, just as any miracle story that supports a cult must be true in the eyes of believers.
I heard a good one the other day.  Seems a lot of people believe that a man who was executed came back to life three (or more likely two) days later.  Seems kind of unlikely to me, but then I'm not in the cult.
(For a detailed explanation, you will have to see The Spiritual Brain by Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary, Harper, 2007). I will provide links for that shortly.
1. Address marketing issues for non-materialist neuroscience book (Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary, The Spiritual Brain, Harper 2007).    
Check out my book on the intelligent design controversy, By Design or by Chance?.

Richard Hughes: Plugs her book

Plugs her TWO books a total of THREE times.  This may be a UD record.

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