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Quote (stevestory @ Feb. 06 2007,15:46)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Feb. 06 2007,16:09)

Please, kids, pack up your houseboats and go.

I would love to see Christian Exodus become really successful. Nothing would make me happier than for 10 million theocrat freakazoids to both remove themselves from our political system, and take the worst state in the union off our hands. That would kill two birds with one stone. Probably wouldn't be the last thing they killed with stones, either.

Sadly, I don't think enough wackos will bother.

Our Big Mistake was fighting the Civil War.  Every immoral nut in the country LEFT the country and we fought the most expensive (in human lives) war in our history to bring them back.  BIG mistake!

This time, we'll say "Yes!" to secession and spend what we otherwise would have wasted on a New Civil War on building a really, really big fence.  I'm thinking of a fence about a hundred feet high with foundations sunk at least 100 feet into the ground.  We'll plant minefields about a mile deep on both sides of the fence, put guard towers with machine guns every 100 feet or so and every one of our nuclear missiles will be targeted where they will do the most good.

P.S. Does anybody know why the Original Bible Belt consisted solely of the slave states?  Because Southern style chattel slavery was 100% Biblically Approved.  Enslave foreigners?  Check.  Own them?  Check.  Kill them if you want to?  Check. (only let them live a day or two after the beating)  Own the slave's children?  Check.  And their wives?  Check.  Leave them to your children when you die?  Check.  Don't believe me, Dave Heddle?  Just ask and I'll quote chapter and verse.  Check!

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