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Salvador, quoting an article:  
Moreover the information incompressibility of [Chatin’s Algorithmic Information Theory] AIT is related to the “irreducible complexity” concept (IC).

Chaitin's "irreducible complexity" means algorithmic incompressibility, which means that X cannot be generated by a program shorter than X.  ID's IC has at least 3 definitions, all of which have to do with functionality and evolvability through RM+NS.  Am I stupid for not seeing how they're meaningfully related?

Question for IDers:  According to algorithmic information theory, which of the following is irreducibly complex?
1) A bacterial flagellum
2) A random pile of atoms from which a flagellum is made

"I wasn't aware that classical physics had established a position on whether intelligent agents exercising free were constrained by 2LOT into increasing entropy." -DaveScot

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