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Quote (stevestory @ Jan. 28 2007,13:52)
I think what irritates me about Dembski is, it's not that he's a con man, it's that he's an uninspired, low-rent conman. He's gotten a job at Bible Thump U, he's made a few thousands off books, got a dozen or so rubes suckered into thinking he's the new Einstein, he's gotten a few dozen free plane tickets and comp'd meals to sell his snake oil.

What a lame dream. What a halfassed career. Why do something halfassed? Don't bunt, swing for the fences.

If you're going to swindle the fools, Swindle the Fools.

Oooh!  Reverand Moon is Jesus Christ too!  When he hears there's another Jesus, the fur is going to fly!

God fight!

God fight!

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