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The writing of Quizzlestick and Kazmer Ujvarosy has been commented on, but I want to post some extensive excerpts of their work here because this is A1, First Quality, Bottled in Bond, ID Grade, Straight From the Locked Ward, Flatulating Gibberish.

From Overwhelming Word Salad:

I'd like to introduce one of the scientists who will ensure that it is so. He is building on the work of Behe and Dembski. He is also one of the best communicators that the ID community could ever wish for. I would like to introduce Dr. Kazmer Ujavorsy, chief scientist of the Frontline Science Institute, one of the most prestigious research organizations dedicated to Intelligent Design.

While mainstream science predicts that we would not be able to make testable claims about ID, Kazmer has done exactly that. His astonishing predictions unify areas of science which were previously considered unrelated. He may be, in the opinion of many ID researchers, at the verge of discovering a “theory of everything”, one of the goals of high-energy physics. This is a challenge which even Einstein and Hawking have failed.

But let's examine some of his discoveries – these extracts from a recent peer-reviewed paper published at the American Chronicle show the depth and breadth of his important research:

“Dark energy, that drives the expansion of the universe, is one of the deepest and most exciting puzzles in modern science. We posit that dark energy is the field manifestation of the parent seed of the universe, just as the cosmic vacuum’s zero-point energy. They all originate from the cosmic seed’s biophoton emissions, which blackbody radiation provides a holographic biofield for the generation of the physical universe. Based on the fact that the biophotonic radiation emitted by DNA is coherent, we predict that the cosmic seed's biophotonic field or "dark energy" is equally coherent.”

“The elusive Higgs boson – so vital to the Standard Model of particle physics that it is dubbed “the God particle” – is identical with the genotype of the phenotype universe, and each human genome is its reproduction. Based on this identification we posit that mass-giving is life-giving because the elementary particles that come into contact with the cosmic seed's biofield or quantum vacuum receive their mass and property as a result of that interaction. “

Both of these are 100% testable scientific statements. For example, to falsify we merely have to observe a Higgs boson to see if it has the expected properties. What could be simpler?

If Kazmer were still laboring under the shackles of materialism would any of this have been possible? Of course not – these are the kinds of discoveries that can only come about when we first reject the rigid dogma of the philosophy behind atheism and Darwinism's only life-support.

And the good Mr. Kazmer does not disappoint:

Why Rational Thinkers Value the Theory of Intelligent Design
Because logically the existing most advanced form of life constitutes the cosmic system's input and output -- just as an acorn constitutes the mighty oak's input and output --, and because we have no knowledge of a more advanced life form than human life, the necessary inference is that human life or intelligence generated the universe for the production of human life in its own image, just as a seed generates a tree for the purpose of self-reproduction.

Thus, whereas the theory of evolution posits common descent from a simple beginning, the scientific theory of creation posits common descent from the most advanced form of life that exists. As we have no confirmable evidence that a life form superior to human life exists, we are constrained to propose that human life constitutes the seed of the universe, pending the discovery of a superior non-human form of life.

Of course it is not mandatory to take it for granted that human life constitutes the seed of the universe. This theory of creation is testable and can be falsified. After all the proposed sole actor, namely human life, most definitely exists, and is available for observations and experiments.

To conclude, if we posit common descent from the highest form of life that exists, we have a rational theory which is consistent with the data we have.

But Kaz's best is yet to come.  Here's his (rather unusual) cure for cancer:      

When we diagnose cancer, the treatment is still primarily surgical, commonly
combined with radiation therapy and anticancer drugs. The aim of these
treatments is to suppress, or arrest, the unrestrained growth of cells in
the body organs or tissues. In the case of many man-made systems we are
similarly faced with situations where processes deviate from the normal
operation of the system. But the remedy for such deviations is surprisingly
simple: negative feedback.
So how can a human being transform himself into a closed-loop control system
for the proper regulation of his cell production? The answer is the feedback
of his body's genetic output. What is the genetic output of his body?
Answer: the reproductive cells.
The literature on the subject reveals that the feedback of reproductive
cells for the regulation or revitalization of the human organism was
recommended by folk medicine and alchemy as well. Traditional medicine
attributed transformative powers to the human reproductive cells and often
termed that product of the body "universal medicine," "elixir," or
"philosopher's stone." It is also on record that:

   1.. The Yellow Emperor of China (c. 2697-2598 B.C.) practiced the
feedback of his own reproductive cells for therapeutic purposes. (A.
Ishihara & H. S. Levy, The Tao of Sex, Harper & Row, New York, 1970.)
   2.. Christ partook of his own semen to show that "we must so do, that we
may live." (Interrogationes Maiores Mariae, quoted by St. Epiphanius in his
Panarion, XXVI, cap. VIII.)
   3.. A Gnostic sect celebrated the Eucharist (spiritual communion with
God) by eating "... 'their own sperm,'
declaring it to be 'the body of
Christ.'" ("Gnosticism," Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom, R. C. Camphausen,
Inner Traditions International, Rochester, Vermont, 1991.)
   4.. "Semen, or Bindu, is held to be the true elixir of life by Yoga and
Tantric schools alike."
(J. Mumford, Sexual Occultism, Llewellyn, Saint
Paul, 1975.)
   5.. "Human semen, as medicine, is used by many peoples, as by the
Australians, who believe it an infallible remedy for severe illness.
It is
so used in European folk-custom " (E. Crawley, The Mystic Rose, Macmillan,
London, 1902.)
   6.. Dutch missionaries in New Guinea observed that among many tribes
"the male's semen was regarded as a sacred substance" and was used in
healing and in fighting epidemics
("Sperm Magic," Encyclopedia of Erotic
Wisdom, R. C. Camphausen, Inner Traditions International, Rochester,
Vermont, 1991.)
Kazmer Ujvarosy
Academia Consulting
konzultant at

You heard it from quizzlestick.  He's "building on the work of Behe and Dembski."  I can't help but comment that all four of these gentlemen appear to be 100 percent cancer free.  Come to think of it, so are Sal and DaveTard.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Edited to bold some of the more interesting sections.

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