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Near the beginning of the same post quoted by Bebbo and Richard:
The first thing Webb does is claims to know better than the president and all the president’s advisors how to effectively fight terrorism because, well, Jim was a Marine in Vietnam.

Yeah, who would ever think that a Marine that had actually served would know more about warfare than a President who used his family's influence to get into the Air National Guard (FANGs as we regular Air Force people used to call them), checked the box that said he did NOT volunteer for overseas assignment (where people might shoot at  him) and spent a few years flying jet fighters every fourth weekend at the taxpayer's expense until he got grounded for failing a drug test and then just lost interest and stopped attending drills altogether after that.  It's hard to beat that kind of combat experience.

Of course, he had plenty of help and advice from Dick Cheney, who "had other priorities" and took about a dozen different draft deferments to stay out of the military.  Which would be okay, if he had opposed the Vietnam war, but he was in favor of it, he was just opposed to having to risk his personal ass fighting it.

But Bush did have Rumsfeld, an actual Fighter Pilot, advising him.  (I think Rummy was a non-combat pilot, just like Tard is a non-combat Marine.)  Of course, Rumsfield's advice was to go in with less than half the men needed and then flop around for the next four years, losing over 3000 American dead and killing over a half million Iraqis in the process, before being fired.

Jeeze, too bad he didn't have a genuine U.S. Marine Corp Avionics Technician to give him advice!  We could have ten thousand dead and a million dead Iraqis!

My Grandmother knows more about waging war than all of them put together, including The Tard, and she's been dead for 30 years.

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