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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 15 2007,18:52   

I get the feeling that Michaels7 doesn't agree with some (any) of the tenents of evolutionary theory.

And he has a hang up about materialists too.
Quote (Michaels7 @ 01/15/2007 6:38 pm)
  • materialist only argument for evolution lives in the past
  • they’re flailing their arms in deep water with their stubborn refusal to admit just how wrong they’ve been.
  • Ateleologist cannot produce a valid experiment for dust to man, by a series of accidents or of snowflakes turning into polar bears. It is they who are living in fairy tales. All experiments have been utter failures. Fruit Flies, radiation, etc., etc.
  • they fail to produce a pragmatic scientific theory for future scientific research
  • science has progressed despite materialist evolutions 150 years of miscalculations and sometimes intentionally misleading(piltdown man, nebraska man, Haeckels embryo drawings) campaigns displayed to the public masses
  • Unfortunately forced upon children in schools with no apologies from the afundies.
  • Atheist can no longer claim and throw insults as more prominent scientist shed light on the Code of Life found within.
  • Materialist only crowds are losing ground little by little.
  • The mocking and scoffing is more evidence of a scientific groupt think culture in meltdown mode.
  • When “ethical scientist” start Hitler-esque propaganda tactics like comparing pedophiles to Christians, they’re in serious trouble both morally and scientifically.
  • They should be called out for what they are, morally corrupt, propagandist. They’re no longer scientist, but charlatans.
  • They have nothing left but insults and propaganda.
  • New life here will not result spontaneously and unfold without prior planning and guidance by intelligent agents.

So, let's parse his comments for some constructive information on ID.
  • IDist and Creation scientist can manipulate life now and in the future by intelligent planning and foresight. By “tinkering.”
  • ID provides more fertile ground in the future as a way to think about life’s design in us and around us.
  • Simple things that we know by simple observations. Without massive planning life does not 1) begin, 2) survive, 3) produce more informationally rich complex life forms.
  • ID is the future paradigm. Life, new life does not and will not “evolve” in other galaxies and solar systems, on other planets, moons, without specific and complex criteria prior to and during lifes emergence. New life here will not result spontaneously and unfold without prior planning and guidance by intelligent agents.
  • The Third Subset of Functional Sequence Complexity is not attained without guided intelligence.
    Note: found this reference...
  • And the Four Null Hypotheses still remaind[sic] unfalisfied.

I have to give Michaels7 credit that he can carry on a screed filled post without spittle constantly shorting out his computer.

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