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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 15 2007,00:25   

Doonesbury chimes in on Conservative "Science".

1st Panel: student hunched over calculator:
   "That can't be right!"

2nd Panel: Calculator flies into wastebasket.
   "Time for a new calculator!"

3rd Panel: Student bent over book
   "Drat!  These pesky scientific facts won't line up behind my beliefs!"
              Stranger seen from behind:
   "Then challenge them, Stewie!"

4th Panel: Stewie looking at Dr. Null
   Stewie: "Holy Flat-Earther!  It's White House Situational Science advisor, Dr. Nathan Null!
   Null: "That's right Stewie, and I'm here to remind you..."

5th Panel: Dr. Null: "Situational science is about both sides of a scientific argument, not just the one supported by facts!"

6th Panel: Dr. Null: "That's why I always teach the controversy!  Like the evolution controversy, or the global warming controversy..."

7th Panel: Dr. Null: "Not to mention the tobacco controversy, the mercury controversy, the pesticides controversy, the coal slurry controversy, the dioxin controversy, the Everglades controversy and the acid rain controversy."

8th Panel: Stewie: "You're right, Situational Scienceman - I'll never trust science again.      It's just too controversial!"
               Dr. Null: "Stewie gets it now, folks!  Do you?"

Situational science.  I like it.  Beware of those facts that only support one side of an argument!

(Edited to change Hull to Null.  [Kind of an appropriate name, actually.])

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