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Quote (jujuquisp @ Jan. 10 2007,08:19)
It is kind of funny how people on UD such as DaveScot think they get credibility by having Panda's Thumb post on the FRONT PAGE about UD.  It really gets the tards riled up over there.  DaveTard appears to be getting crankier and more strange by the day.  It might be time for DaveTard to get a diagnosis via the DSM-IV-TR.  Any ideas about what his major malfunction is in psychiatric terms?  My best guess is narcissistic personality disorder and organic brain injury.

Well this is getting rather amusing.

I spent rather too much of the last couple of years trying to figure out whether the discrepancy between the 2004 exit polls and the official count indicated that Kerry had actually won the election.  I concluded that it didn't, despite the fact that I rather wished he had.

Just as, being a Christian and all, I'd be rather delighted to find unambigous scientific evidence of a benificent creator God, but I have to conclude that there isn't any.

Hey ho.  I'd rather have sound analyses, even if my conclusions don't fit my preferences.

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