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What bugs me is that the monkeys and typewriters have absolutely nothing to do with evolution.  The idea was apparently first brought up in the twenties by an astronomer.  However, some Young Earth Creationists insist that Huxley invented it and that's enough for The William.

I did love the monkeys and typewriters routine that Bob Newhart did on one of his comedy albums in the sixties.  

From memory:

"We've all heard that an infinite number of monkeys typing for an infinite length of time will eventually type all the works of William Shakespeare.  But if anybody ever tries that experiment, they're going to have to hire some people to examine the monkey's output, looking for Shakespeare.  Here is my idea of how this might happen:"

Monkey Checker: "Dum dum de dum dum de do ... hey, Frank, this might be something!  'To be or ... not to... be, that... is the.... gezortenplat.' "

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