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Arghh, that infinite monkeys conversation is so stupid! What I especially cant stand is the way they so smugly congratulate themselves on seeing through this Darwinian obfuscation, without acknowledging for one second that it may be their understanding of the concepts involved that is incorrect.

Ill try and explain, for the benefit of any UD lurkers here, using slightly different language.

1. The phase space of 'all possible books' contains the complete works of Shakespeare (and all other books, by definition).
2. If we randomly sample this phase space for an infinite period of time, all possible results will emerge.
3. Ergo, any system (in this case monkeys typing) that randomly samples the phase space over the period of infinity will eventually produce all possible books.

For a group of people so concerned with where we are all going for infinity they sure have a shaky understanding of the concept.

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