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Dembski: † †
Mats: Actually, I would like Forrest to have Eric Rothschild there (head ACLU attorney in the Dover case) and an attorney of my choice there as well. Then Eric can do the deposition of me that the other side has been crowing about, and our side can finally implement the Vise Strategy on Forrest. What fun. Letís be sure itís all video taped and made available online. Iím up for it Barbara ó how about you?

Hey Bill, I know you read this blog, so let me remind you of something that seems to have escaped your steel trap mind: Barbara Forrest has already been deposed. †

Surely you remember it - you were in the same room, advising the lawyers who were deposing her. †Remember now? †She took an oath, she had to answer the questions, she could have been jailed if the lied - does that ring a bell?

And then she went on to an actual trial and testified under oath again and then withstood a cross examination from a hostile attorney. †Again, she was under penalty of perjury, she couldn't refuse to answer any question, she could go to jail for endulging in "street theater" and this time a judge and jury were watching her testify.

Maybe you've forgotten because you and almost every other ID supertard fled for the hills when they were offered a chance to be deposed and testify in court. †Remember now?

Barbara has already met your challenge. †Now we'd all like to see you do the same thing. †

We don't expect you to, of course, because you've seen what happened to Behe when he foolishly took your challenge and encountered the Vise of Science Strategy. †It wasn't very pretty. †"Mincemeat" comes to mind.

Remember him admitting that under the Standard Rules of ID, your morning horoscope is scientific? †And all those books and articles they showed him and how silly he looked when he testified that they weren't real evidence of anything?

It would take real courage for you to be deposed now, and we don't expect that from you. †It's much safer to sit behind your keyboard and challenge people to do things they've already done that you were afraid to do and then call them cowards for not taking your challenge.

And that really impresses Salvador and Dave.

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